Creative Home Office

When less is more. I strongly believe a home office needs to be clean, tidy, minimal, in order for you to relax and concentrate. In my browsing I found these lovely images of home offices. The all white interiors and natural tones are perfect to open your mind to fresh new ideas.

Orikomi Lighting Home Office Lifestyle

The Orikomi Paper Shade is a subtle elegant detail for this home office space.

Home Office Al White Interiors
found in Pinterest

I like the exposed bricks painted in white!

Inspirational home office
image via Pinterest

It`s great to use the wall for inspirational quotes and images.

Concrete Desk Set Areaware Prism Magnigier Areaware

For minimal and elegant desk accessories how about this Concrete Desk Set and Prism Magnifier by Areaware.


Interior Crush: Mini Kids Room

Vanessa Pouzet challenge was to furnish a smallish room of 9sqm and create a cosy space for both his boy and her girl. She wasn`t initially keen on bunk beds, but when she saw the Perludi Amber in the Sky, she overcome the issue of price recognizing the high quality and how practical and functional it was for their space. “The top bunk is actually low ( 135cm ), it is easy to go cuddle my child in the evening and it’s very comforting to know my children are so close to the ground. My sleep is more serene. The bottom bunk is spacious and the huge advantage for us is that under the mattress at the bottom lies a ” playground “. This changes our life! During the day we put the light Ikea mattress on the top bunk … and magic, the children have the entire volume of the bed as a space to play. After several years of use, it is like new. The wool lining cleans perfectly. We can say that quality level is top.” read full description of this children room in French here 

Amber in the Sky Bed – custom color by Perludi available at
Details of lower bed as play area with circuit, Amber in the Sky bed

lit-amber-porte lit-perludiAmber in the Sky bed comes in different colors: Sand, Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Brown. Custom-colors available on request on Swatch sample colors available.

Amber in the Sky fits a mattress of 190 x 90 x max. 14 cm high.

Interiors Crush: Recycled Home in Milan

This house in Milan’s lively Isola district is filled with unique pieces crafted out of raw materials by the talented industrial designer Costanza Algranti. Costanza scores the streets of Milan in search for all kind of stuff: benches, gutters, barrels and metal sheets. She selects them thinking about what they might become. In her laboratory she works these materials to create new, fresh and unconventional furnishings: lamps, mirrors, chairs, kitchens. The result might not be everybody taste but I admire Costanza`s ability to transform raw, discarded things into treasure pieces which bring within numerous traces of what they were.

handcrafted-Italian-home1 handcrafted-Italian-home2 handcrafted-Italian-home6

Deco Alert: Tiles Me Up!

I must admit I am a wooden floor person. I love the natural changing color of wood, I like the cosyness and warm of the wooden floor under my feet. But lately I spotted these gorgeous images of tiles and they are growing on me now. Like them?

Tiles Deco Idea
Pallet Base Bed via
Tiles Deco Idea
Entrance Hall Floor Tiles via Alvhem Makleri
Tiles Deco Idea
’50s Residence by Fusion D via Home Adore
Tiles Deco Idea
Paris New-York restaurant by Cut Architecture


Interior Crush: Kira`s Bedroom

This bedroom belongs to Kira who is nine years old. She lives with her parents and two sisters in an old apartment block in Stockholm, Sweden. Kira shares her bedroom with her sister Masha who is six.

The girls’ bedroom was designed by their mum Mina, who is the founder of contemporary kids’ furniture brand IO Kids Design. The room features a yellow IO Bunk Pod and is decorated with quirky details. We love the gorgeous tile corner fire and the wooden floor which look great with the bright yellow of the bed.

IO Bunk Pod
IO Bunk Pod available at
IO Doodle Box
IO Doodle Box available at

DSCN1528 DSCN1534 IO KIDS Bunk Pod