Add A Room: Compact Living

3daysofdesign is a design event based in Copenhagen, where more than 40 of the best design companies open their showrooms, stores and design institutions and invite the visitors inside for amazing experiences where furniture, lighting and design objects are the focal points.

During the last edition of 3 Days of Design – end of May 2015 – Danish housing brand Add a Room exhibited their ONE+ housing module. Designed by Lars Frank Nielsen, Danish architect and co-founder of Danish architect firm 3XN, the modular ONE+ is a compact house that can be linked together with other ONE+ modules to create larger living spaces.     add-a-room-Johan-Robach-J-4-2048x1811

Danish interior stylist Tine Mouritsen was responsible for interior styling the 20 square metres room module that can accommodate a family of four.

“When I was asked if I wanted to style and decorate the ONE+ module that was exhibited at 3 Days of Design, I thought, ‘I would love to!’ I did not need to think about it. I have admired the housing system for a long time—the concept and the simplicity by which it solves a need, the opportunities of positioning it in the landscape and the architecture. The challenge with decorating 20 square metres was not hard to solve as my overall idea was to create two zones—one for kids and one for adults—combined with an atmosphere of calmness and warmth through my choice of colours and composition of materials,” says Mouritsen.

Within the compact, flexible solutions found by Tine, the multifunctional IO Bunk Pod from IO Kids Designa small fireplace designed by Danish designers Bo Bonfils and Jane Reumert. In addition, the ONE+ module was styled with furniture from Woud, lamps from Vasanthi and garden furniture from Trip Trap. This illustrates that it is possible to live well in small, engineered, constructed spaces.


IO Bunk Pod in White Washed Plywood
IO Bunk Pod in White Washed Plywood


According to Add a Room, the ONE+ modular housing system is energy efficient thanks to sustainable windows from Velfac, which feature aluminium outside and a wood profile inside, and a slim frame that lets in more natural daylight. ONE+ modules can be insulated to serve as either a summerhouse or a permanent house, both of which have electricity installed within the house. The dark kernel pine floors inside are aligned with a Superwood veranda floor.

The IO Bunk Bed is available in White-Washed Plywood, Polar White and Yellow from boutique store E-Side, which offer design-led, responsibly made furniture, lighting and gifts for the whole family.


Interiors Crush: Away from the City

Architect studio Max Holst has designed this modern villa completely surrounded by the green mature trees of a forest in the isle of Vindö.

The elevated construction and the large big windows on both sides of the house let the nature and sunlight come in. The large open plan livign room is divided by wooden panels and shelving. .

Studio MaxHolst Sweden 1

Studio MaxHolst Sweden 3The dining area features Graypants Pendant Disc Scraplight, made of cardboard, and the Wish Bone chairs by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son.Studio MaxHolst Sweden 2Studio MaxHolst Sweden 4

E-side, the online retailer for sustainable design furniture, offers a good selection of design lighting including the cardboard Scraplight collection by Graypants. See full collection here.

Architect Studio Max Holst – Sweden

Photography: Fredric Boukari (

Going Black in the Kitchen

I am in the mood for black kitchens. The color is so elegant especially when combined with wood – wooden floor, wooden table, wooden wall. The sleek black is also practical, as your guest might not notice that stain you forgot to clean!

Black kitchens 1

My dream kitchen. I would love to have a wood burning fireplace to cook my home made pizzas! According to Pinterest this is an outdoor kitchen.

Black kitchens 2

This glossy black kitchen  belongs to Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau. I love every inch of this ground-floor apartment in Montreal – more pictures available via Dezeen. Anne Sophie Goneau is not scared to use black and you might have seen her Patisserie La Folie work.

Black kitchens 3

White tiles in contrast with the black kitchen and Smeg fridge, for uncluttered look avoid wall cupboards. Image via Trendenser 

Black kitchens 4

Gorgeous and dramatic black tiles in the Paul Priestman`s kitchen – featured in House&Gardens. Lots of reclaimed materials run throughout this Northumberland farmhouse, the sink, for instance, is made from a stone trough.

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Make an Entrance: Hallway Deco Ideas

The hallway is the inner gateway to your abode. As well as being practical,  it’s the space for making a style statement.

I love hallways. It`s the first thing your guests see and it sets the mood of the whole house.

Hallways deserve to be stylish so here`s my 3 must-have :

  1. Mirrors –  multiply light and widens the room, giving the illusion of space. Position it opposite a window or door for maximum effect
  2. Seat Benches – perfect for perching while putting on shoes and stashing things away like brollies and wellies so the area is clutter-free. For bench with storage try Correlations Bench,  or opt for the cardboard and wood More Bench or the colorful Streep 
  3. Decorative Coat Hangars – make this a feature in its own right. Opt for practical, versatile designs that accommodate coats, hats and dog leads. Our Scoreboard Coat Hangar looks like a work of graphic art, and the pins can be positioned at different heights depending on what you’re hanging

Hall 1 a

Hallway Modern
Trendy Graphical Apartment via

hall 5Striking entrance hall. The mirror positioned opposite the window light up and widen the space. The gorgeous herringbone wooden floor match incredibly well the dark wall (for a similar color try Farrow and Ball Railings). A slim console for such a small space is a must. Consider as well wall hanged tops for extra space on the floor.

Collage Hallway We Do Wood

Same products, two different ways to style them. The Scoreboard Coat Hanger and the Correlations Bench with storage by WE:DO:WOOD in a Modern hallway compared to a raw Industrial one. Both items available in our store

Deco Alert: 1, 2, 3, Soleil

Yellow is my favorite colour and I am not scared to use it in my home. My open plan living room is a combination of White background, Grey (I`ve managed to finally buy four Emeco Broom chairs in Dark Grey) and spots of Yellow (my son Stokke high chair, cushions and kitchen accessories).

I would love to add more as Yellow is the colour of sun and happiness and when I spotted these images I immediately put them in my Pinterest board and definitely will go back to them when I will be able to afford a new, bigger house for my growing family!

I like to combine Yellow with Grey – rather than Black – but if you are keen on colours, Yellow looks great with Fuchsia and bright Green as well as Brown. Material wise I love Yellow with raw wood and exposed bricks. Have a look below and be inspired.

Kitchen table in Yellow,
Found on
Found via showing Dulux color range. The Yellow is Sunflower Symphony 3 in combination with Labrador Sands 2
IO Bunk Pod by IO Kids Design available in store
Mina Panic founder of IO Kids Design – her daughters bedroom – IO Bunk Pod available in store
Yellow tiled shower room, Writer's Apartment by Sergi Pons Architects
Yellow tiled shower room, Writer’s Apartment by Sergi Pons Architects

Have a look in store for Brio Floor Lamp in Sun and Emeco Broom Stacking Chair in Yellow, suitable for outdoor. For the children bedroom, the amazing IO Bunk Pod, bunk bed and the Organic Cotton Teepee by Deuz.

Interior Crush: Apartment in Amsterdam

After several years of experience as a designer for the renowned Kelly Hoppen, James van der Velden set up his Interior Design Studio BRICKS in Amsterdam in 2010. For one of his client, BRICKS has created a wonderful apartment of a distinct style.

I like the combination of industrial elements – such as the kitchen lighting – with recycled touches: look at the amazing kitchen isle made of cement and recycled wooden planks. The vintage feeling of the kitchen is opposed to the contemporary and sleek living room. 

Brick Interior design
Amazing kitchen counter made of cement and recycled wooden planks.
Brick Interior design 3
Sleek and contemporary living room


Brick Interior design2
Love the detail of the stairs – Excellent Idea to Copy

Brick Interior design 4images via



Deco Alert: The Art of Display

Collections are not for closets. If you have bought something you love, you want to show it off. So don`t be afraid to take out your personal collection and surround yourself with it. 

Displaying is an art. So think about it carefully before hanging out your precious things.  You can place your items, take a picture, and try different layouts, till you are happy with it.

Surround yourself of what you love: even if your pieces aren`t expensive or valuable, they are still part of you and you can create a nice display that will light up your home, create a focal point and create a unique space.

Think outside the box:  I have selected from Pinterest some images that I am sure will inspire you. As you can see you do not need to perfectly align your collection.

Dreamcatcher, The Art of Display
Giant, raw, triangle-shaped dream-catcher made of driftwood, recycled fishing netting, hemp, jute, and cotton string, available on Etsy from Hummusbird
Display of Hats
Vertical Hat Display. Each hat appears to be clipped to a ribbon hanging from the picture rail. via
Portraits Display
Display of vintage portraits via
the art of display
The Murwillumbah studio of textile artist Helle Jorgensen. Photo – Toby Scott via

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