Kids Wallpaper

Beautiful graphic wallpapers are such an impactful way of bringing vibrancy and visual interest to your interior design. And this is especially true of Scandinavian brand ferm LIVING’s range of striking and easy-to-hang wallpaper designs, which can instantly transform a child’s room into a life-sized illustrated storybook. Created by Danish graphic designer Trine Anderson, the contemporary prints awash walls with colourful yet calming hues and quirky patterns that, although engenders a sense of childish innocence, appeals to adults and may ‘grow’ with the child as they enter from adolescence to teens. Using big vibrant patterns, of course, needn’t be daunting; the key thing to remember is, when using busy patterns, to temper this with flecks of plain soft textiles in your trappings as well as furniture with clean, sleek edges.

Repetitive Patterns

Harlequin Wallpaper Rose
Harlequin Wallpaper Rose

This Harlequin design has been incorporated effectively into the room. The adjacent wall is white and softens the visual busyness of the patterns. A swathe of sleek plain fabric hanging from the ceiling to create a canopy offers respite from the repetitive graphics, and the furnishings – simple and white – complements the overall colour scheme. The white pop-pom style light injects further texture to the décor; a wonderful contrast to the crisp linear edges of the wallpaper and the surrounding furnishings.

Repetitive graphics

Native Wallpaper FermLiving
Native Wallpaper FermLiving Kids

This tepee and totem pole graphic paper is beautifully intricate yet, because of the simple black / white colour scheme, is rather subtle in overall effect. Again, simple and plain furniture with clean edges provides a pleasant contrast to the patterns. Other graphics are introduced via soft furnishings and provides a burst of colour to what is a generally muted and neutral colour scheme.

Cloud Wallpaper FermLivign KIds
Cloud Wallpaper FermLiving Kids – image via the boo and the boy

The white cloud patterns on this wallpaper design are soft yet striking; the pale grey/green hues create visual ambience and calm. This has been offset by accents of natural materials – from the dresser and wicker storage basket to the light wooden floors. Contrasting graphics provide a gentle and elegant clash of textures via cushions and patterned storage boxes.

Large designs

Cactus Wallpaper
Cactus Wallpaper

A fantastic example of how big patterns can create a calming environment. These watercolour effect cacti delineated in light to deep mossy shades of green make a striking feature wall for a room. Once again, large patterns are shown to work effectively when complemented by simple furniture design. The plain yet textured floor gives the illusion of space and provides contrast to the bold wall design. A simple wooden rack and wicker storage basket adds natural touches to a very earthy colour scheme.


Large jungle scenic monochrome illustrations on this feature wall dominate the interior design and commands attention. This is a wall you can never tire looking at. The drawings are so beautifully intricate, and there is a lot of ‘action’ occurring in this scene. The power of the design speaks for itself and requires no further wall hangings or embellishments. Bursts of bold primary colours in the chair, sofa bed, cushions and table ornaments inject vibrancy into the room and provide a welcome contrast to an otherwise monochrome palette.

Wallpaper can add visual dynamism and life to an interior design. Contemporary styles are becoming bigger and bolder but not overpowering. It provides a striking backdrop to your furnishings and can make the smaller, more understated details of your interior design really stand out.

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A Wash of White For Cool Calm Interiors

Elegance is again being redefined to capture an earthy, simple and wholesome sort of minimalism in interior design. Homes this year have been embracing the elements, taking natural and rustic materials like wood, wicker, slate and stone and partnering it with a muted and white colour palette to create an environment of calm. And it is this very ambience that modern homes are really striking.

image via

White seems to breathe in a crisp freshness to a room, amplifying light and giving the sensation and freedom of space. Furniture and trappings crafted from rustic salvaged or upcycled materials bring visual interest to such simplicity. Unmanufactured character and charm is manifested in irregularity and imperfections, and enhanced by the juxtaposition of pieces with clean, smooth lines.Scandinavian design is the epitome of understated elegance. White washed wood and nude wood offset the purity of the colour palette, which magnifies light. Homely touches of black and white framed prints, accents of greenery and wicker temper the brilliance, so that the effect is softer.

image via

A white colour palette in the bathroom seems to aptly reflect its purpose: a room for ritualistic cleansing; an environment in which to relax, unwind and wash away the stresses of the day.  Keep the area streamlined and uncluttered to maintain an ambience of simplicity and calm.  Light naturally uplifts the soul, so introduce and trap in as much natural light as you can, if not through windows then through using mirrors. Exchange the harsh, jaundiced light of fluorescent bulbs for LED ones that provide soft and natural looking illumination.

Rustic & natural, San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel via The Style Junkies

This white, rustic, minimalist aesthetic is increasingly being seen in boutique hotels, engendering a ‘home from home’ feel. In this bathroom set, a natural wooden towel rail leans against the wall, its smooth yet crooked form fitting in well with the distressed reclaimed wood of the adjacent dado rail. Low wooden beamed ceilings soften the acoustics and the stone bathroom bench with a bowl-like basin give the interior an overall provincial feel.

Custom made vanity and shelving with Globe Pulp Pendant White by Crea-Re available at – project by Dichotomy Interiors


Visual texture really comes to life in this bathroom. Mosaic effect tiles in differentiated muted and neutral tones next to the smooth Calacatta gold honed marble floors see two contrasting patterns unite without clashing. A swathe of billowy cotton fabric introduces softer textures against these hard materials alongside rustic shelving housing deep, fluffy towels also in white and stone colours. A dark solid wooden stool with contrasting honey and chocolate hued timber adds further natural touches to the interior design, while the bathroom’s globe-like papier-mache pendant light above the washbasin has a surface look reminiscent of parched cracked soil, adding further visual interest to the scheme and celebrating the irregular beauty of the handmade.

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Deco Alert: 1, 2, 3, Soleil

Yellow is my favorite colour and I am not scared to use it in my home. My open plan living room is a combination of White background, Grey (I`ve managed to finally buy four Emeco Broom chairs in Dark Grey) and spots of Yellow (my son Stokke high chair, cushions and kitchen accessories).

I would love to add more as Yellow is the colour of sun and happiness and when I spotted these images I immediately put them in my Pinterest board and definitely will go back to them when I will be able to afford a new, bigger house for my growing family!

I like to combine Yellow with Grey – rather than Black – but if you are keen on colours, Yellow looks great with Fuchsia and bright Green as well as Brown. Material wise I love Yellow with raw wood and exposed bricks. Have a look below and be inspired.

Kitchen table in Yellow,
Found on
Found via showing Dulux color range. The Yellow is Sunflower Symphony 3 in combination with Labrador Sands 2
IO Bunk Pod by IO Kids Design available in store
Mina Panic founder of IO Kids Design – her daughters bedroom – IO Bunk Pod available in store
Yellow tiled shower room, Writer's Apartment by Sergi Pons Architects
Yellow tiled shower room, Writer’s Apartment by Sergi Pons Architects

Have a look in store for Brio Floor Lamp in Sun and Emeco Broom Stacking Chair in Yellow, suitable for outdoor. For the children bedroom, the amazing IO Bunk Pod, bunk bed and the Organic Cotton Teepee by Deuz.