Kids Wallpaper

Beautiful graphic wallpapers are such an impactful way of bringing vibrancy and visual interest to your interior design. And this is especially true of Scandinavian brand ferm LIVING’s range of striking and easy-to-hang wallpaper designs, which can instantly transform a child’s room into a life-sized illustrated storybook. Created by Danish graphic designer Trine Anderson, the contemporary prints awash walls with colourful yet calming hues and quirky patterns that, although engenders a sense of childish innocence, appeals to adults and may ‘grow’ with the child as they enter from adolescence to teens. Using big vibrant patterns, of course, needn’t be daunting; the key thing to remember is, when using busy patterns, to temper this with flecks of plain soft textiles in your trappings as well as furniture with clean, sleek edges.

Repetitive Patterns

Harlequin Wallpaper Rose
Harlequin Wallpaper Rose

This Harlequin design has been incorporated effectively into the room. The adjacent wall is white and softens the visual busyness of the patterns. A swathe of sleek plain fabric hanging from the ceiling to create a canopy offers respite from the repetitive graphics, and the furnishings – simple and white – complements the overall colour scheme. The white pop-pom style light injects further texture to the décor; a wonderful contrast to the crisp linear edges of the wallpaper and the surrounding furnishings.

Repetitive graphics

Native Wallpaper FermLiving
Native Wallpaper FermLiving Kids

This tepee and totem pole graphic paper is beautifully intricate yet, because of the simple black / white colour scheme, is rather subtle in overall effect. Again, simple and plain furniture with clean edges provides a pleasant contrast to the patterns. Other graphics are introduced via soft furnishings and provides a burst of colour to what is a generally muted and neutral colour scheme.

Cloud Wallpaper FermLivign KIds
Cloud Wallpaper FermLiving Kids – image via the boo and the boy

The white cloud patterns on this wallpaper design are soft yet striking; the pale grey/green hues create visual ambience and calm. This has been offset by accents of natural materials – from the dresser and wicker storage basket to the light wooden floors. Contrasting graphics provide a gentle and elegant clash of textures via cushions and patterned storage boxes.

Large designs

Cactus Wallpaper
Cactus Wallpaper

A fantastic example of how big patterns can create a calming environment. These watercolour effect cacti delineated in light to deep mossy shades of green make a striking feature wall for a room. Once again, large patterns are shown to work effectively when complemented by simple furniture design. The plain yet textured floor gives the illusion of space and provides contrast to the bold wall design. A simple wooden rack and wicker storage basket adds natural touches to a very earthy colour scheme.


Large jungle scenic monochrome illustrations on this feature wall dominate the interior design and commands attention. This is a wall you can never tire looking at. The drawings are so beautifully intricate, and there is a lot of ‘action’ occurring in this scene. The power of the design speaks for itself and requires no further wall hangings or embellishments. Bursts of bold primary colours in the chair, sofa bed, cushions and table ornaments inject vibrancy into the room and provide a welcome contrast to an otherwise monochrome palette.

Wallpaper can add visual dynamism and life to an interior design. Contemporary styles are becoming bigger and bolder but not overpowering. It provides a striking backdrop to your furnishings and can make the smaller, more understated details of your interior design really stand out.

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Modern Touches for a Teenager`s Room

The bedroom design of 13-year-old Constancio needed an overhaul. Childish and no longer relevant to the ever-changing needs and interests of the growing teenager, his bedroom needed to be repurposed for study and rest.

The parents called in the help of kids’ design studio Krethaus to convert a traditional and childlike bedroom into an attractive dwelling for the eldest son. Inspired by a calm, simplistic modern aesthethic punctuated by accents of natural materials, the designers set to work in converting the space into a harmonious and relaxed environment.

Child bedroom Kreathaus

The walls were painted in a warm gray remiscient of Farrow&Ball’s Manor House hue, offset by blonde wooden furniture and accessories – a gentle play on dark and light.

The high headboad of the distinctive Nido bed, crafted from Patagonian wood, becomes a striking feature in the room and looks decidedly grown-up. Accents of shape, colour and form are introduced to the simple design scheme using pure cotton textiles from Krethaus.

Child bedroom Kreathaus 3

The crisp geometry of industrial design is tempered by the use of natural materials, such as this desk lamp produced by studio TAF Arkitektkontor created for the Danish label Muuto, and the ‘Bau pendant’ shade by Normann Copenhagen.

Child bedroom Kreathaus 4

The ‘Maxxi’ table incorporates handy concealed storage within the tabletop’s surface so accessories are ready accessible and keeps the area clutter-free. The matching stool ‘Milk’ is also crafted from Patagonian solid wood has a practical removable pencil holder. Meanwhile, the puzzle-like carpet by Krethaus is cut from natural felt.

Child bedroom Kreathaus 5

Detail of pencil holders in Maxxi Table Desk by Kreathaus

Detail of pencil holders in Maxxi Table Desk by Kreathaus

The finished look is simple, young and stylish – fit for a teenager. The play on contrasting textures using natural materials gives further visual and tacticle interest to the overall scheme. Furniture design celebrates shape and form without being overpowering the interior and cleverly incorporates practical and design-led solutions for storing and displaying accessories.

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Credits: Architect Karina Kreth of studio Krethaus / images Javier Picerno / Production Alejandro Altamira | Words Lucrecia Álvarez. for Espacio Living, translated and adapted by Alessia Civettini.

Interior Crush: Mini Kids Room

Vanessa Pouzet challenge was to furnish a smallish room of 9sqm and create a cosy space for both his boy and her girl. She wasn`t initially keen on bunk beds, but when she saw the Perludi Amber in the Sky, she overcome the issue of price recognizing the high quality and how practical and functional it was for their space. “The top bunk is actually low ( 135cm ), it is easy to go cuddle my child in the evening and it’s very comforting to know my children are so close to the ground. My sleep is more serene. The bottom bunk is spacious and the huge advantage for us is that under the mattress at the bottom lies a ” playground “. This changes our life! During the day we put the light Ikea mattress on the top bunk … and magic, the children have the entire volume of the bed as a space to play. After several years of use, it is like new. The wool lining cleans perfectly. We can say that quality level is top.” read full description of this children room in French here 

Amber in the Sky Bed – custom color by Perludi available at
Details of lower bed as play area with circuit, Amber in the Sky bed

lit-amber-porte lit-perludiAmber in the Sky bed comes in different colors: Sand, Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Brown. Custom-colors available on request on Swatch sample colors available.

Amber in the Sky fits a mattress of 190 x 90 x max. 14 cm high.

Interior Crush: Kira`s Bedroom

This bedroom belongs to Kira who is nine years old. She lives with her parents and two sisters in an old apartment block in Stockholm, Sweden. Kira shares her bedroom with her sister Masha who is six.

The girls’ bedroom was designed by their mum Mina, who is the founder of contemporary kids’ furniture brand IO Kids Design. The room features a yellow IO Bunk Pod and is decorated with quirky details. We love the gorgeous tile corner fire and the wooden floor which look great with the bright yellow of the bed.

IO Bunk Pod
IO Bunk Pod available at
IO Doodle Box
IO Doodle Box available at

DSCN1528 DSCN1534 IO KIDS Bunk Pod