Natural Modernity

Jewellery and homewares designer Helena Rohner’s Madrid family home is full of natural warmth, vibrancy and life.

Simplicity and elegance define her aesthetic, and this love and respect for the serenity and purity of lines is in inherent in her abode; an apartment that harnesses light and softens the effect with splashes of colour – a great example of modernity and nature working in perfect harmony with one another.

Each of the property’s balconies are filled with plants, with one even housing a small fountain with fish. Inside, Helena has created an interior design characterised by delicate ceramics, stoneware and wood – a wonderful celebration of natural materials.


A reading corner with floor to ceiling shelving and a simple chaise longue upholstered in grey marl and livened up with patterned cushions gives a nod to 70s retro design, while the floor retains its original elaborately tiled flooring.

Hallways are usually shrouded by shadows, but Helena’s seems to entrap rebounding light from the adjacent rooms, giving the illusion of space. White washed walls temper the cuboid geometry of the patterned flooring, with natural touches introduced by the distinctive bamboo grain of Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jorgensen’s SJ modular wall bookcase – a perfect way of adding splashes of colour and varying shapes into the overall scheme.

WedoWood SJ Bookcase
WedoWood SJ Bookcase
Similar chair - Nomad Chair by WeDoWood
Similar chair – Nomad Chair by WeDoWood

Neutral tones dominate the lounge, with textures creating visual interest to the interior design. Wooden floorboards are accentuated by the linear grain of a stone coloured rug and the crisp whiteness of the sofa, with further wooden notes brought into the mix by the natural frame of the oversized hanging wall art, coffee table and floor seat.

A bamboo Nomad Chair, a design inspired by the iconic Roorkhee chair, which was originally made for British military officers stationed in India and later reworked by Scandinavian designers Kaare Klint and Arne Norell, adds further natural modern touches to the simple interior.

If you want to recreate the look, swap fussy designs for the clean, streamlined look of Scandinavian-inspired furnishings, but add visual interest using splashes of colour and textured layers. Start by getting a hearty dose of modern interior inspiration at E-Side and browse our range of designer pieces from independent studios like Wedowood that pay homage to individual craftsmanship and the beauty of natural, sustainable materials.


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