Going Black in the Kitchen

I am in the mood for black kitchens. The color is so elegant especially when combined with wood – wooden floor, wooden table, wooden wall. The sleek black is also practical, as your guest might not notice that stain you forgot to clean!

Black kitchens 1

My dream kitchen. I would love to have a wood burning fireplace to cook my home made pizzas! According to Pinterest this is an outdoor kitchen.

Black kitchens 2

This glossy black kitchen  belongs to Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau. I love every inch of this ground-floor apartment in Montreal – more pictures available via Dezeen. Anne Sophie Goneau is not scared to use black and you might have seen her Patisserie La Folie work.

Black kitchens 3

White tiles in contrast with the black kitchen and Smeg fridge, for uncluttered look avoid wall cupboards. Image via Trendenser 

Black kitchens 4

Gorgeous and dramatic black tiles in the Paul Priestman`s kitchen – featured in House&Gardens. Lots of reclaimed materials run throughout this Northumberland farmhouse, the sink, for instance, is made from a stone trough.

Love Black? Check out our monochrome selection 


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