Deco Alert: Wonder Wicker

Still freezing outside but if like me you are already thinking about spring here a trendy way to spruce up our home for the milder weather. Lately I`ve seen an increased number of wicker funiture and lighting.  The traditional craft of weaving meets modern shapes and I  love the result. Have a look here:

Distressed walls and bamboo wicker chairs
image via Petite Passport –

Take inspirations from store Portrait in Raamvest, Haarlem (Holland), pictured above.  Distressed unfinished walls  and wicker bamboo lounge chairs for a relax area to socialize with friends.

Wicker Lighting
image via

Natural material for the above lampshades made of rattan.


Fabulous Vintage Mid Century Wicker Basket Chair available on Etsy!

Meet-the-Wicker-Set by Chudy / Grase studio

Design studio Chudy / Grase have created a lovely collection called “Meet the Wicker” . By combining the traditional craft with the industrial metal frame the project aims to go away from the crafty look of wicker weaving and instead reinterprets the plants core values. The result is a series of fab modern pieces.


Even Ikea has launched a collection of rattan furniture and accessories. The limited edition NIPPRIG range, made from renewable natural materials, is a collaboration between local artisans of Vietnam and Indonesia. The collection includes chairs, containers, decorative rugs, and we like the introduction of bright colors.


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